In your bedroom project winner

It is (big) time to finish the “In your bedroom” photography project.

I can’t say the project had a lot of entries but I would like to thank the 7 peoples who did take the time to participate and I am sorry for my poor performance in keeping it in a timely fashion.

Congratulations to Jesse Baynard for winning this project with 50% of all votes.

I would like to take the opportunity to remind you that there is a 1 year free pro smugmug account to be won right now at adidap (for a total value of $150) do not miss it!

December giveaway: Document Christmas

There are still 24 days before Christmas and I still have one free Smugmug pro account to give away before this year ends.

So, from December 1st till December 25th, I will be running a kind of photo project/contest at the end of which a one year PRO SMUGMUG account will be given generously offered by Smugmug team.

Prize details

1 year free Smugmug Pro account .

The benefits of having a Smugmug Pro are too many to list here but here are a few to get you started !

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Your own domain name
  • Ability to sell your pictures
  • And much more, read here for more info…

What’s the project

  1. From today and till December 25th document Christmas. Shoot what’s happening in your home, town and/or office. Decoration process, Christmas lights, kids playing, dinner around a fire in short any picture with a Christmas spirit in.
  2. Put all these pictures in a collage like poster and post it on your blog/gallery.
  3. Use the contact page to share the link with me by December 26th at the latest
  4. If you are interested in the smugmug account make sure to subscribe to the rss feed and leave a comment on this post. If you have no use for a smugmug account you can still participate in the project just for fun!

That’s about it. Merry Christmas to all

The Colormancer retouching contest

I would like you to help me welcome our new sponsor Colormancer. For those who don’t know about it, here is a quick overview.

Colormancer is a color correction tool that lets you adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of your images without the color shifting of existing tools. Compared to Photoshop’s Hue/Saturation adjustment, the saturation in Colormancer does not exaggerate noise as it maintains constant luminance (saturation only affects saturation and not luminance).



You can see more of Colormancer in action at the gallery page.

The licensed version of Colormancer can be bought directly from the eStore for $65 CAD (Canadian Dollars), as an adidap reader you are eligible for a 20% discount on Colormancer’s using the coupon “adidap” (without the quotes).

But this is not all, to make you play around more seriously Colormancer is also giving away one free version to the “Colormancer retouching contest” here are the rules

  1. Subscribe to by rss or email
  2. Download the watermarked demo of Colormancer
  3. Pick any of your pictures and retouch it using Colormancer
  4. Use the contact page to submit the before/after versions before Friday September 26th 2008
  5. The most creative/original retouch will be will a free version of the plugin

Almost forgot to tell you that creators of Colormancer have a couple of free adobe photoshop plugins that can be downloaded here (they also work in Irfanview and Paint Shop Pro X2).

Happy editing !

And the winner of May giveaway is…

During the month of May 2008 we had 41 persons that show interest in the Smugmug pro account giveaway and they left a total of 57 comments.

A couple of days ago I sent to each one their ticket(s) number(s) and contact Luis Cruiz from Light Chaser Photography and asked him to pick up a number from 1 to 57.
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May giveaway: Smugmug pro account

Time for a new giveaway ! By the end of May I’ll be giving away a 1 year Smugmug pro account

Prize details

1 year free Smugmug Pro account generously offered by Smugmug team.

The benefits of having a Smugmug Pro are too many to list here but here are a few to get you started !

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Your own domain name
  • Ability to sell your pictures
  • And much more you can read about at Smugmug Pro page

How can I win ?

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