Happiness is the key !

On Sat, 22 Dec 2007 04:48:20 Ä0200, Maya <> wrote:

Maya wrote:
My entry for the free flickr account:


Maya Maya Maya ! Congratulations the key to all problems, IMHO, is HAPPINESS you just won a one year flickr pro account I’ll be happily offer you on January 1st 2008 🙂

For this contest I got a lot of “iphone”, “iphones”, “epiphany” and “epiphanies” but the correct one was happiness.

I’m preparing for a new contest to run, hopefully, on January so stay tuned.

Maya as soon as you read this please drop me a line with the email you’d like me to send the Flickr account to and I will be expecting you to join our flickr group 😉

Flickr pro account giveaway

This years Christmas gift from ADIDAP is a flickr pro account for one of its rss readers.

How to get gain it ? it is really easy !
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