ADIDAP Flickr Round January 2013 – Part 2

Another 15 pictures from our group are waiting for your votes in this Flickr Round – vote your favorite(s) and hope you enjoy this beautiful dose of photography.

Secret Beach Sunset
Ryan Braun
Rural Idyll
Everyone's Future Is: Death
As Good As it Gets
52 in 2012 - Week 18 (Happy)
View from Greenwich
Botany Bay Road
journey to the west

Fernworthy forest sunset

Stormtrooper SP

Indian Creek Canal

American Boy

lines & shadows

ADIDAP Flickr Round – January 2013 – Part 1

15 pictures from our Flickr group are waiting for your votes in our competition to win a spot on our annual calendar for the upcoming year.
Vote up the one or many images you like the most and leave a shout out in the comments for those amazing photographers.

the path to an unknown end
Driving home
Calton Hill Cannon HDR

The Fisherman
The Time of Reckoning
Fast Ball

The Cross Downtown
The Forbidden City
Take a Seat
empty place
fogged in

ADIDAP Flickr Round December – Part 2

The second Flickr Round for December is up with 16 featured images. All you have to do is vote up your favorite photos – you can vote up as many as you want. The winning picture gets a spot on our annual calendar.

Hope you enjoy this selected dose of photography from our Flickr group and may the best picture win!

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ADIDAP Flickr Round December 2013 – Part 1

ADIDAP’s Flickr rounds are finally back but with a twist!

Instead of asking you to choose and vote for only one picture in the poll, now there is a “Vote Up” button. If you really like a picture and would love to see it win a spot on our yearly calendar, all you have to do is press the “Vote Up” button.

Of course you can Vote up as many pictures as you want. The reason behind this change is that many were finding it impossible to pick up only one picture from the whole round and photographers were finding it un-fair.

Another change is that now less pictures will be featured and I’ll be using the 500px format instead of thumbnails. The goal is to make the rounds more visually attractive for readers to vote up and I hope that this gives the featured pictures enough exposure space on ADIDAP.

I hope you will be enjoying the many rounds to come and don’t forget to upload your pictures to our Flickr group


La Rodia

Aerial 2

The Freshmaker




Sunset at Nai Yang

Newport Rockshelf


No va más

Rainforest of Lamington NP

Waking up in Winter


On these paths I walk with you...

GIMP v/s Adobe Photoshop

Haven’t work myself in GIMP myself, but as far as I know GIMP is an open source Image editing software and there is quite a few people using it today instead of the famous Adobe Photoshop primary because it is free.

Although originaly built for Linux, GIMP can also run on both Windows and MAC…

Today I came across a quite interesting article by “The Linux Advocate” stating what is still missing for GIMP to be able to “dethrone” Adobe Photoshop

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