ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-07-05]

And here comes the first round of the month of July with 55 pictures high in colors.


ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-06-28]

And the Flicr rounds saga continues! 45 pictures to enjoy for this one.

ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-06-21]

43 pictures for this round of June 2009

ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-06-14]

The level of these rounds is sky high ! I am having more and more a hard time picking up the pics.

63 great pictures for this one

ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-06-07]

With every week passing these are just becoming better and better.

I really hope you guys are enjoying the rounds as much as I am!!

74 selected pictures for the first week of June.