ADIDAP Flickr Round December 2011

Doing this Flickr rounds after a long time was pretty emotional, it was nice to know that everyone is still active on the Flickr group and uploading great images.

It was interesting to notice how the style of some of our regular photographers changed and evolved while others kept the same personality for their images.

It was also surprising to get to see new photographers and the creativity they bring around.

So Enjoy and vote for your favorite picture from December 2011 and leave a shout out for the photographers in the comments. Read more »

Download ADIDAP Calendar April 2011 now

04 April 2011 US

April’s picture is “Umbrellas” by Marrkoss!

As usual I have compiled a US and UK version of the calendar available for download at full size.

Enjoy it

Download ADIDAP Calendar March 2011 now

03 March 2011 US

March Picture is Smoking Hot by Alexander Hogstrom and is nothing less then impressive, there is a US and a UK version of the calendar.

Don’t forget to download the full size image.

Download ADIDAP Calendar Feb 2011 now

02 February 2011 UK

OK I have failed to do a 12 months calendar for 2011 since Jan is already over but that’s because I didn’t get a reply from the 12 winning images owners, however the wonderful people that have replied deserver to be published and they deserver to have the calendar so the calendar will be online even if it is missing a month!

For now I will make available for download the month of February 2011 so you can go ahead and download it hoping that in the next few days I can get all the replies to complete the 11 remaining months of 2011 and I will then publish the whole thing together.

In the mean time you can download and enjoy the Feb 2011 month in both US and UK format!

Make sure to pick “All Sizes” and then Original to download the high resolution version

ADIDAP Flickr Round November 2011

Week 1
Polar Bear Surfacing

Week 2

Week 3
The Fence, The Trees and The Mountains

Iron Work