A New Way to Deliver Images with Cloud Spot

Our friends over at SLR Lounge just announced an exciting new project that they are involved with called Cloud Spot. Cloud Spot is a desktop application that helps photographers deliver images to their clients in a streamlined and customized way. Check out their intro video here:

Here are a few of my favorite notable features:

Feature 1 | Customization

Cloud Spot is unbranded, meaning your clients never see the Cloud Spot company name. As a photographer, it’s great to not have third party service marketing to your clients all the time.

ADIDAP taking again submissions for POTW

It has been quite a while since the last Photographer Of the Week was featured on ADIDAP and I guess it is about time for another set of these wonderful photographers to be published.

If you want to nominate yourself, or any other photographer, to be featured as photographer of the week kindly use the contact form to provide us with the following information

  • Photographer Name or Nickname
  • Photographer byline
  • A link to a portfolio of 10 to 15 images max
  • Twitter and/or facebook fan page if available

Is adidap RSS feed working for you ?

I have seen adidap RSS count falling by 1/2 in the last few weeks, it was up to 3.1k in the beginning of the month down to 1.8k yesterday.

Last week I have received 2 emails reporting problems with adidap’s rss feed and, although I have not experimented any issues myself, I had found that the recently implemented diqus plug-in was breaking things up. Updating to the latest version of wordpress seems to have fixed to issue according to feedvalidator.org.

I would really appreciate if you could take a few minutes and check if adidap’s rss feed is working fine at your side. If not please drop me a line here with the reader you are using and what is the last update showing up.


Is adidap RSS feed working for you ?
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ADIDAP got a new home

This is a quick notice that I have moved ADIDAP to a new server after all the problems I ran with the old one.

Although I tried to make this switch as smooth as possible I would really appreciate if you could report any hiccups you might notice with the blog.


There… & back again

I won’t spend time explaining my long absence cause there is simply no real excuse. So I will make this one short.

Adidap is going live again and I will start posting again. We have so much to catch up with so it is going to be busy for now.

I have no clear view yet about how I will catch up with the flickr rounds but we’ll see as it goes.

So thank you for your support and see you here shortly.

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