Download your copy of ADIDAP 2009 Calendar today

One year ago I’ve shared with you my wish to create a calendar out of the best pictures of flickr group. And today this 12 months in the making project comes to an end and I am happy to give you the first ADIDAP calendar ever for the year 2009 and I hope you will enjoy it.

12 months, 12 winning pictures and 11 flickr photographer listed here in no particular order:

Announcing ADIDAP v3.0

Adidap v3

I’ve been a little slow lately on updating but that’s just because I’ve been busy fixing the new version of ADIDAP.

Of course new design also equals problems and hiccups so please bear with me and I’d really appreciate your feedback not only on the overall design of the site, but also if you encounter any problems do let me know.

Back in June I have called for design help and I was able to reach an agreement with Jai Nischal Verma from Blog-Oh-Blog. Although I was really hopping for a unique theme I ended up by settling on a modified version of one of Jai’s Premium Themes ModBlogger-Tech. The upgrade is not over yet since I intend to keep on tweaking the theme, over the next couple of days/weeks, till everything looks right!

Get published on Adidap


Regular readers of adidap are familiar with the photographer of the week section that I’ve been running for quite a while. I have done my best to contact on regular basis wonderful photographers asking for their permission to publish their work and feature them etc…

Where most of them answered the call in a prompt manner some, obviously caught with their daily life, fail to do so in a timely fashion and this result in some delay of posting here at so I am trying a slightly different approach to this section.

Coming back with lots of pictures

It has been a long time and I’ll try to spare you the whining so I just want to let you all know that I am back “fully recovered”!
This time my absence was not voluntary it was somehow out of my control. In all cases adidap will be back slowly on track I promise.

As a first stage I have as priority to catch up with the flickr rounds so I will be posting a lot of pictures and voting and I’d really appreciate your contribution.

Thank you !

Looking for design help

I’ve been struggling for more than a year to find someone decent to redesign adidap for me. I was never able to seek a professional and reputable wordpress design company for obvious budget constraints, but I found myself spending money and being scammed by 4 “cheap” designers that stop answering emails as soon as they get their part of the money.

What I need

I am not here to bother you guys with my problems but to seek help, I need someone to

  1. Upgrade ADIDAP from wordpress 2.1 to 2.5 importing to tags from UTW to the native tagging system of wordpress
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