ADIDAP found a new home

I’m tired, frustrated, worn out, sleepless etc… But I am happy.

This hard time cost me a lot, a lot in terms of time and money but I have learned how much you guys are wonderful.

I have so many thing to tell you all but this is not the right time, I have just finished the basic setup of adidap and I have 20+ other sites to migrated and then working on the details it will take time but at least no data is lost

This is just a quick note to let you all know that I really appreciate all your emails, IM or thoughts you had for me. Thank you for the offers to host adidap for me thank you for everything !

As I write Adidap is back to only 1 rss subscriber ” ((“myself”))” but this doesn’t really matter at the time. I have plenty of time for the come back and I promise you some great photography articles.

Of course in the migration process chances are that I did miss some details so please do let me know about them by a comment, the contact form is not working yet the contact form is now working 😀 !

A feedback from you would also be great about the speed of ADIDAP’s new home.

If you are interested to read the detailed story it is coming along, but I have things to fix before

Oh and I forgot, a bit of advice stay away from

Thanks guys you simply rock !!!

And 12 hours later…

Just a quick note to let you know that we are back after almost 12 hours of down time 🙁
This is the longest crash in ADIDAP’s history. It is not due to traffic peak because we have been featured on Digital Photography School” ((“Thanks Darren for that !”))” the reasons are still mysterious” ((“It turned out to be a cable problem“))” all I know is that I have 2 dedicated servers with my hosting company and both went down ! I am still waiting for clarifications from them.

Sorry for that guys !!!

Zookoda is dead long live FeedBurner !

Ok I saw it happening but I just ignored it, Zookoda is dead it is official !

Zookoda is the service I’ve been using here at adidap to deliver the newsletter by emails ever since August 2006, and now I am compelled to move to another provider.

Since FeedBurner was recently bought by Google, I am already using it for RSS, and it is free, I have decided to move adidap mailing list there.

Feedburner problem is that they do not allow me to import the current 450 subscribers list (what a shame) so I just have to build that list over again.

So ladies, gents, dear reader if you want to receive ADIDAP updates by email please take the time to register again.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience but things are out of my hands this time.


ADIDAP goes to private ad sales

After trying almost everything I could think of to make good use of the space in the sidebar,after trying and failing with many ad networks, after being scammed by I have finally decided to give private ad sales a try.

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Adidap here, Adidap there, Adidap everywhere …

I am more into a rambling mood today so I will tell you a bit about what is happening at Adidap.

1. We got accepted at rssHugger: rssHugger is something like a paid technorati, this cost is not expensive ($20 for 10 years) and if you blog about it you get if for free.
To insure a high quality blogs and keep their system spam free, they review each submission manually, I applied to that a few days ago and I got the green light.

2.We’re collecting Business cards: I also added the entrecard widget, since I was never able to get ad sales I gave that a try. The system is pretty simple it is based on credits and you can use your credits to “buy” ads on another blog. So it is something like gaining virtual money that can be used to buy other ads.

3.We WON a free ad spot at John Cow: Well it is the first time I ever actually win anything, but it just happened. I get a one week ad spot in the rss feed of Do check out the landing page and tell me what you think.

Ok enough rambling for now …