ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-01-25]

Gorgeous flickr round this week. Really wonderful make sure to check it

ADIDAP Flickr Round: December 2010

While ADIDAP 2009 Calendar is still being downloaded, more than 1,000 times and counting till today, we are ready to start working on 2010′s calendar.

For the next year’s calendar I am not planning a lot of changes because I can’t decide to restrict submissions to the group to specific themes, for that I’ve created the Monthly Assignment.

What will change is

  1. I will request a high resolution picture for each of the winning pictures to be able to provide a higher quality calendar
  2. You can post watermarked pictures to the flickr group but, if your picture gets to win, you will have to provide me with a none watermarked version for the calendar

And now here are the winning pictures of the Flick Rounds of December, cast your votes for the one you’d like to see on December 2010 month.

ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-01-18]

Christmas 2008 through your lens

I would like to thank all that have participated to the “Document Christmas” project.
All in all I’ve had 8 submissions, honestly I was hoping for more enthusiasm but the good news is that your chances to win are much higher.

I’ve also run into some minor issues like the fact that not all entries where collage but hey it is Christmas so I’ve accepted them nevertheless

Here are the entries

ADIDAP Flickr Round [2009-01-11]

We’re pass the 800 members with 51 new just the passed week !!

Great work everyone