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Regular readers of adidap are familiar with the photographer of the week section that I’ve been running for quite a while. I have done my best to contact on regular basis wonderful photographers asking for their permission to publish their work and feature them etc…

Where most of them answered the call in a prompt manner some, obviously caught with their daily life, fail to do so in a timely fashion and this result in some delay of posting here at so I am trying a slightly different approach to this section.

The idea

This is where you come to play a role in all this ! I know there are among adidap readers a lot of talented photographer with great pictures and giving everyone the chance to submit names for POTW will just ease my job. So if you interested to get your work published here as “photographer of the week” keep on reading

Major concern

I have been very reluctant to make “photographer of the week” open for submissions because, obviously, I would hate to receive a portfolio and feel compelled to refuse it, so I am saying this up front. I have no quantifier for the “level” of the pictures needed to be accepted and I am currently the only judge. So don’t freak out prepare your portfolio and send it over and I’ll take a look, just keep in mind that it might not get accepted you just have nothing to loose.

What I am expecting of you

  1. Prepare a portfolio of 10 pictures: Find a collection of your best 10 pictures and upload them to the web somewhere you know that they are going to stay for a good time with max resolution of 445 px on the widest side. Here are some tips on how to prepare a portfolio
  2. Your full name or if you prefer your nickname
  3. The URL you’d like to be linked back to as your main gallery/blog
  4. Of course the permission to use your work on

Finally use the contact page to send me all this and I’ll get back to you if you are accepted or not with a tentative schedule when you are going to be published.

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