Looking for design help

I’ve been struggling for more than a year to find someone decent to redesign adidap for me. I was never able to seek a professional and reputable wordpress design company for obvious budget constraints, but I found myself spending money and being scammed by 4 “cheap” designers that stop answering emails as soon as they get their part of the money.

What I need

I am not here to bother you guys with my problems but to seek help, I need someone to

  1. Upgrade ADIDAP from wordpress 2.1 to 2.5 importing to tags from UTW to the native tagging system of wordpress
  2. Design a unique theme for ADIDAP as well as logo and branding
  3. Fit the various wordpress plugins I use

I have at hand one design draft made from one of the designers I stated above before he disappears that might be of use.

What Can I offer?

Of course I can offer money for the redesign however my budget is restricted and will be discussed case by case. I can also offer one of the 125×125 buttons for a full year if it is of any good for you. However I just need someone that will accept to get paid AFTER the job is done. I’m sorry but I don’t feel like being scammed once more.

Feel free to drop any questions or comment here or by contacting me.

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