ADIDAP Flickr Round [2008-02-03]

Time for the weekly Flickr Round and don’t forget to vote for your favorite one!

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ADIDAP Flickr Round: January 2009

As January finished, it is now time to vote for the picture that will make on January 2009 of ADIDAP 2009 Calendar !
So here are the 4 winning pictures of each week of January !
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ADIDAP Flickr Round [2008-01-27]

Before hitting with this week’s Flickr round I want to invite you to vote on last week’s if you haven’t done so yet !

As usual, don’t forget to cast your votes in the comments for the picture you’d like to see on ADIDAP 2009 calendar.

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ADIDAP Flickr Round [2008-01-20]

I am longing to this week Flickr round to start feeling that things are finally back in order so here it is !
As usual, don’t forget to cast your votes in the comments for ADIDAP 2009 calendar.

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ADIDAP found a new home

I’m tired, frustrated, worn out, sleepless etc… But I am happy.

This hard time cost me a lot, a lot in terms of time and money but I have learned how much you guys are wonderful.

I have so many thing to tell you all but this is not the right time, I have just finished the basic setup of adidap and I have 20+ other sites to migrated and then working on the details it will take time but at least no data is lost

This is just a quick note to let you all know that I really appreciate all your emails, IM or thoughts you had for me. Thank you for the offers to host adidap for me thank you for everything !

As I write Adidap is back to only 1 rss subscriber ” ((“myself”))” but this doesn’t really matter at the time. I have plenty of time for the come back and I promise you some great photography articles.

Of course in the migration process chances are that I did miss some details so please do let me know about them by a comment, the contact form is not working yet the contact form is now working 😀 !

A feedback from you would also be great about the speed of ADIDAP’s new home.

If you are interested to read the detailed story it is coming along, but I have things to fix before

Oh and I forgot, a bit of advice stay away from

Thanks guys you simply rock !!!