ADIDAP Flickr Round [2008-01-06]

I am terribly sorry that I was not able to get this online yesterday but I had electricity problems and was disconnected from the internet all day and night !

Don’t forget to cast your votes in the comments for ADIDAP 2009 calendar.

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ADIDAP a look back to 2007

It is January 1st 2008 (Happy new year everyone) all the house is sleeping still tired from the festive eve, and I am taking advantage of the free time to take a look back at 2007 !

So this post is going to include some stats and the best posts of the year, and hopefully next year I will have something to compare to !

Some number first

  • Posts : 371 since August 2006
  • Comments: 662 since August 2006 not counting the spams of course
  • Unique visits: 339,091 in 2007
  • Page views: 692,617 in 2007
  • RSS subscribers: 600+
  • Alexa rank: 187k
  • Technorati: rank 59,623 authority 109

Best Posts






As you have noticed there are 7 full months missing from that list ! I am very ashamed of this but I reached a point of de-motivation back then and this post will help me remember that this should never happen again .


Of course I would like to take the time to thank

  • YOU: There is no way adidap would exist if there was no one to read what I am writing ! It was YOU who pushed me out of my de-motivation phase when I realized that I’ve ignored adidap for 6 months+ and still I had people visiting it… So the first and topmost credit is for you ladies and gents thanks
  • Family and friends: Well they are all I have right
  • Brian: Well Brian’s name could fit in both readers and friends however I want to reserver a special thank for him ! I met Brian in early November when he wrote his list of 87 Great Photography Blogs and Feeds. I was quite annoyed I was not on that list and I got in touch with Brian. His motivation to me was such as ADIDAP jumped from 200 to 600+ rss subscribers in less than 2 months ! That’s 300% increase. IF you don’t know Brian make sure to read his Photography blog !

What’s for 2008

I really hope ADIDAP will still grow in 2008 the one thing I can promise is that I will not ignore it or let it down as I did in 2007. I will keep on adding helpful stuff day after day and meet more photography passionate people like you and me !

Finally I wish you all the best for the coming year and to a year full of photography, beauty and joy !

ADIDAP Flickr Round [2007-12-30]

Time for the last Flickr Round of the year 2007 !

Don’t forget to cast your votes in the comments preparing for ADIDAP 2009 calendar.

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Merry Christmas to all

Just a quick note before my wife starts calling me

We wish you all a warm and safe Christmas and may it be filled with joy and happiness !!

The Khater’s family

Adidap flickr round [2007-12-23]

As I announced previously, this Flickr round is going to be a Christmas special, I will only pick the pictures related to Christmas all other pictures will STILL have their chance to be published next week.

Also today we will start voting for the best picture of the week in ADIDAP Flickr Group preparing for ADIDAP 2009 calendar. So make sure to state your favorite picture in the comments.

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