Happiness is the key !

On Sat, 22 Dec 2007 04:48:20 Ä0200, Maya <> wrote:

Maya wrote:
My entry for the free flickr account:


Maya Maya Maya ! Congratulations the key to all problems, IMHO, is HAPPINESS you just won a one year flickr pro account I’ll be happily offer you on January 1st 2008 🙂

For this contest I got a lot of “iphone”, “iphones”, “epiphany” and “epiphanies” but the correct one was happiness.

I’m preparing for a new contest to run, hopefully, on January so stay tuned.

Maya as soon as you read this please drop me a line with the email you’d like me to send the Flickr account to and I will be expecting you to join our flickr group 😉

Zookoda is dead long live FeedBurner !

Ok I saw it happening but I just ignored it, Zookoda is dead it is official !

Zookoda is the service I’ve been using here at adidap to deliver the newsletter by emails ever since August 2006, and now I am compelled to move to another provider.

Since FeedBurner was recently bought by Google, I am already using it for RSS, and it is free, I have decided to move adidap mailing list there.

Feedburner problem is that they do not allow me to import the current 450 subscribers list (what a shame) so I just have to build that list over again.

So ladies, gents, dear reader if you want to receive ADIDAP updates by email please take the time to register again.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience but things are out of my hands this time.


Want to be featured on ADIDAP 2009 calendar ?

Image by ton3vita

Yes it is 2009 I’m not mistaken !!!
The Idea
Here is what I am thinking of, I am posting every Sunday an Adidap Flickr Round so why not preparing an ADIDAP calendar for 2009 with the best pictures posted on Adidap Flickr Group ?

How it will happen
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Calling for advice: 80 Pictures for €400

I wont be long here but I really need your thoughts on that…
A few month ago my wife and I went in a photography trip to Plitvice lakes in Croatia, during the trip I had a corruption in my Lexar 1gb and lost about 80 pictures !

I tried a lot of recovery softwares but none were able to do anything, I sent the card to a friend in France and he gave it to a specialized company for review. To make a long story short they contacted him saying that can give the recovery a try but, IF they succeed, it can cost me up to €400.

So what do you think ? Should I just take a deep breath and tell them “GO FOR IT” ? What would have you done ?

The next Flickr Round: Christmas special

I was thinking that it would be cool to see some Christmas pictures from you all, so I’ve decided that the next ADIDAP Flickr Round this coming Sunday will be reserved for Christmas pictures.

Any picture you have already posted and that is NOT related to Christmas will be saved and reused the week after. So grab your camera and let us see what Christmas looks like in your part of the world.

Christmas trees, Christmas light, decorations/ornaments, you name it. Just let the picture reflect Christmas Spirit