Readers section – How did you take it?

I want to add a readers section to ADIDAP called “How did you take it?”, the idea is to get you more involved in ADIDAP by showing your pictures and articles here.
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ADIDAP group on Flickr

I have created a group for ADIDAP on Flickr.
I hope that this group will give me the possibility to better answer your needs and requests.
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Stay tuned to ADIDAP

Update December 22nd 2007
ADIDAP community is growing in size and involvement day after day. I think it is a good time for me to write this post to thank you all and to remind you that you can stay tuned to what is happening at ADIDAP by

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GIMP v/s Adobe Photoshop

Haven’t work myself in GIMP myself, but as far as I know GIMP is an open source Image editing software and there is quite a few people using it today instead of the famous Adobe Photoshop primary because it is free.

Although originaly built for Linux, GIMP can also run on both Windows and MAC…

Today I came across a quite interesting article by “The Linux Advocate” stating what is still missing for GIMP to be able to “dethrone” Adobe Photoshop

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