Give Peace a chance – Lebanon

Give peas a chance

May 22nd 2007, nearly one year ago, I took this picture and called it “Give peas a chance”.
Today Lebanon is experiencing a utter level of hate, a kind of war we all thought would never occur again !

Not only I hate politics but I don’t even understand it, so this is not a political post however what we’re living today is really off the hook ! Lebanese people are dying on hands of other Lebanese people and this is disgusting.


I have been thinking about writing this for quite a while but I simply never saw it fitting adidap. However now things have changed a bit since Brian is hosting a writing project about social networks and photography blogs so this post will be my submission !

So I will share with you here MY experience with social websites, the ones I use, the one I love and the ones you could really help me make a change with!

ADIDAP a look back to 2007

It is January 1st 2008 (Happy new year everyone) all the house is sleeping still tired from the festive eve, and I am taking advantage of the free time to take a look back at 2007 !

So this post is going to include some stats and the best posts of the year, and hopefully next year I will have something to compare to !

Some number first

  • Posts : 371 since August 2006
  • Comments: 662 since August 2006 not counting the spams of course
  • Unique visits: 339,091 in 2007
  • Page views: 692,617 in 2007

Merry Christmas to all

Just a quick note before my wife starts calling me

We wish you all a warm and safe Christmas and may it be filled with joy and happiness !!

The Khater’s family

Want to be featured on ADIDAP 2009 calendar ?

Image by ton3vita

Yes it is 2009 I’m not mistaken !!!
The Idea
Here is what I am thinking of, I am posting every Sunday an Adidap Flickr Round so why not preparing an ADIDAP calendar for 2009 with the best pictures posted on Adidap Flickr Group ?

How it will happen

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