Calling for advice: 80 Pictures for €400

I wont be long here but I really need your thoughts on that…
A few month ago my wife and I went in a photography trip to Plitvice lakes in Croatia, during the trip I had a corruption in my Lexar 1gb and lost about 80 pictures !

I tried a lot of recovery softwares but none were able to do anything, I sent the card to a friend in France and he gave it to a specialized company for review. To make a long story short they contacted him saying that can give the recovery a try but, IF they succeed, it can cost me up to €400.

So what do you think ? Should I just take a deep breath and tell them “GO FOR IT” ? What would have you done ?

Did I break the golden rule ?

Every blogger knows that, if there is only one rule for a successful blog it is “You should always interact with your readers” or “Never ignore your reader comment” or even “Make sure to answer when a comment is left on a post” etc…

Two days ago I called for all ADIDAP readers to drop me a note and I got 11 replies from 11 of you from 11 different places in the world but I didn’t reply to a single one why ?
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ADIDAP readers drop me a note!

I’ve been running ADIDAP since August 2006 and, just like any other webmaster, I follow my stats closely.

  • I know that about 20% only of the hits ADIDAP gets are returning visitors
  • I know that ADIDAP has nearly 300 rss subscribers (btw I really need to hit 300 before Christmas it is a personal challenge)
  • I know that ADIDAP has 350+ newsletter subscribers

But I do not know you…

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Happy new year to all

Just want to take the time to wish you all a Happy new year 2007

Readers section – How did you take it?

I want to add a readers section to ADIDAP called “How did you take it?”, the idea is to get you more involved in ADIDAP by showing your pictures and articles here.
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