4 Lessons I have learned from instagram

It is just recently that I have started being active on instagram and I thought I would share with you a few lessons that this platform has thought me so far

1. Square is a cool ration

I could never see compositions in square format, this has always been a challenge for me. However since I started using instagram more frequently I am becoming more comfortable with the 1:1 ration

2. My mobile phone is not crap

As a serious hobbyist photographer I used to totally ignore my camera phone using it only for quick geotagging locations or snap-shots of things I should not forget, e.g: where I parked my car or whiteboards after meeting. I never considered using it to capture real “pictures”. Instagram though me to put my camera’s phone to good use to capture all these quick moments but precious moments.

3. Keep looking for compositions

Now that I don’t think photography only when I have my “big” camera with me I can virtually be composing and looking for lights/shadows and pattern anywhere and at all times.

4. Not every picture should be perfect

Well yeah it is OK to take life moment snapshots with a camera phone and put it online without spending hours on it in the digital dark room trying to have the best outcome possible. Even if it is blurry and I am in it it can still catch the moment and share it with your friends.

Download ADIDAP Calendar January 2013 now

We are starting this year’s calendar by a lovely submission from Florian Besnard and the most voted picture in our photo competition with 139 votes!

Chelse By Florian Besnard is our featured calendar picture for January 2013.

It is available in both US and UK formats – classic and retro themes. All you have to do is click on the version of your choice for the full size.

Retro Theme

US Format

UK Format

Classic Theme

US Format

UK Format

You can always download our full calendars in pdf version on the following links:

Photographer of the week: Matteo Carta

Our featured photographer of the week is Matteo Carta – It’s been only one year that he decided to get into photography and he is already publishing some awesome photography.
At the moment he is a student of Law but, sooner, he wants to get all the things right to get into the professional world of photography. It’s definitely the world that he wants to be in.

Matteo loves reportage photography, nude, weddings, headshots, wildlife and landscape photography.
He thinks that he needs to finds his root if he wants to step into professional photography. In the meantime and in his own words: “I’ll just keep shooting, I’ll find out my way :)”

I leave you to enjoy 10 of his truly stunning pictures – If you liked his work, you can view his flickr stream or purchase some of his art work from iStockPhoto. Hopefully it will help him buy that extra photography gear I am sure Matteo is planning to get.

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Photographer of the week: Viktor Lyagushkin

Our photographer of the week is Viktor Lyagushkin – an astonishing cave and underwater photographer from Russia.

Viktor has dreams of finding a dragon. A real one alive, fiery, and rattling its scales with each step. He himself concedes totally different reasons for taking up cave diving as a hobby, but they are only partly true.
He is no madman. He knows that times have changed, and dragons have disappeared forever. But a dragon might still possibly survive in some remote, lonely cave! Perhaps, he already has, but does not tell.

Viktor is a National Geographic photographer, official Nikon photographer, Subal Team Pro photographer, winner of many international photo contests, his exhibitions were held in many cities of Europe and America.
He is also an NAUI Instructor, a journalist, a designer, a professional underwater photographer, and winner of international photo competitions.

Sadly, I only get to feature 10 of his selected work – You can check the full collection on his website and get in touch with him via Facebook.

Photographer of the week: Mathijs Delva

Our photographer of the week is Mathijs Delva from Belgium, He is an amateur photographer who works as a web designer for a main job.
Mathijs is mainly interested in nature, minimalism, geometry and architecture; although he is someone who gives everything a try including experimental photography.

Below is 10 of his selected pictures – for the full collection you can check his website or his flickr stream and get in touch via his twitter account.

Enjoy the Inspiration!

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