6 Tips to avoid tilted images

Many new photographers have a hard time keeping that horizon straight and will end up with tilted images. Here are some quick tips to help you end up with straight pictures
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10 things to test before buying a used DSLR

I was recently confronted to pick a used DSLR for a friend of mine so I was busy building a list of things I should be testing in each of these digital camera before I gave my final verdict.
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Top 10 missed features on the Canon EOS 5D

With the successor of the Canon EOS 5D expected to hit the market during the next PMA that will take place this coming February 2007 in Las Vegas, Polls and thread are popping around in all digital photography forums regarding the most missed features among the Canon EOS 5D owners or, if you prefer, the next generation wish list.
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10 Reasons NOT to buy a DSLR

I have recently read an article on the tech lounge that quickly became very popular with more than 1000 diggs about 10 reasons to buy a DSLR. I have to say up front that I do agree with most of the points expressed in that article, however I’d like to add something DSLRs are NOT for anybody no matter how cheap they are becoming.
So here are 10 reasons NOT to buy a DSLR
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Top 10+2 Wildlife zoom lenses for Canon EOS

When it comes to buy the next lens and invest money we all try to seek advice from the experience of other owners and fellow photographers. So if you are about to buy a wildlife zoom lens for your Canon EOS camera this might save you some time.
Here are the results of a poll voted on by more than 900 Canon EOS photographers about their prefered wildlife zoom lenses to fit Canon EOS cameras.
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