What do Camera Settings Mean?

This article is written by a fellow photographer Ariel lepor and is being posted on adidap.com with his permission

Sometimes I, like many photographers, mention the camera’s settings when posting a photograph or when explaining how to set a camera for different types of photography. These settings look much like this: f/2.8, 1/125s, 400mm, ISO: 200. These are the lens’s and sensor’s specifications during the shot and are controlled by the camera automatically or by the photographer manually on the lens or in manual mode (M), program mode (P), aperture priority (A or Av), shutter priority (S or Tv), the camera’s zoom controls, and internal menus.

Tips on how to take successful moon pictures

How to take moon pictures
Photo by Joseph M Zawodny


In this article I will try to cover the photography technique required to take good pictures of the moon. I have been for a long time fascinated by moon landscapes pictures and by pictures of the moon alone and wondered for a long time how can those pictures be accomplished. However, after some personal experience, it turned out that shooting the moon is not that hard.

The challenges

If you ever tried to take a moon landscape or, to put it in other terms, a landscape showing a moon you have certainly felt those two pressing problems

Why shoot to the right


The purpose of this article is to highlight and explain why it is important in digital photography to expose your picture so that the histogram is pushed as much as possible to the right (towards the white) without, however, clipping it.

Canon EOS 30D ISO v/s noise

A very interesting thread has been going on and on for the last 2 weeks on dpreview. One of the members, John Sheehy, posted the following graph showing the Canon EOS 30D Blackframe Noise.
Canon EOS 30D blackframe noise

Canon EOS 400D reviewed by 300D/350D owners

While the Canon EOS 400D is hitting the market, many are thinking of either upgrading their Canon EOS 300D/350D or just making the final jump in the DSLR world. But what to buy the new Canon EOS 400D or the Canon EOS 30D ?

This article is a summary of threads and mini reviews written by new Canon EOS 400D/xti owners most of them previously owning Canon EOS 300D or 350D.

***Disclaimer*** I don’t own a Canon EOS 400D all that is written is taken from stuff I read on internet forums

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