Step into wedding photography with these 20 poses

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Edit: as requested, we added another tutorial on “Poses for the groom and groomsmen”, you can find it here

Posing is one of the most important aspects of wedding photography. You can have all of the lighting, camera, and post-production knowledge in the world but still end up with unhappy clients if you fail to make them look beautiful, comfortable, and happy. The following list of poses isn’t comprehensive; and not all of the poses will work for all of your couples. However, it is a good starting point from which you should make adjustments to compliment your couples’ features and accommodate their style preferences. (The following images are provided courtesy of Lin and Jirsa, Los Angeles Wedding Photography)

16 magical pictures of Tibet

Tibet is one of my top list photography destinations and I often day dream about it looking at picture for inspiration. If you have visited, or would love to visit, Tibet then these images will certainly speak to your heart.

Photo by Nitin Joseph

10 great examples of wave photography

Louie Imaging

Marcus Revertegat

Daniel Bos

Morgan Maassen

John McCormick

Geoff Quinn

Aziz J.Hayat

Bill Dalton

Matt Madden

Steve Garrington

You can always share any wave photography you did with the community through the comments. If you haven’t so far, I hope I inspired you enough.

Don’t stop shooting you will change with time

Each one of us tends to show only his best pictures and this is quite normal. However your best picture today might, and probably won’t, be your best picture of tomorrow.

I am amazed when I notice how much my taste and pictures have changed over time, I am not saying that I am good but I surely have improved. At least I am happy with my progress and this is very important.

Photographing Sunrise at Mesa Arch

This is a guest post by Cliff Kolber from Kolber Photography

Cliff Kolber is a nature and travel photographer and writer based in Miami, Florida. He and his wife Doris have created a spectacular portfolio of images and articles from around the world, specializing in the Florida Everglades, the American Southwest and Antarctica. Make sure to visit their website at

Canyonlands National Park is an amazing array of red rock canyons sculpted from millions of years of erosion by the Colorado and the Green Rivers. The “Island in the Sky” region of Canyonlands is a huge plateau surrounded by the rivers. It is not really an island since the plateau is connected to the rest of the National Park by a very small neck of land.

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