6 things you forgot to do when you first got your new dSLR

Picture by Gone-Walkabout


You just got your brand new dSLR camera, you can’t wait to unpack it and start shooting with it. 

Here are a few things you will most probably forget to do before you snap your first picture.

  1. Charge the battery overnight: If am guilty of one that would be it. I can never wait long enough, I usually charge the battery a few minutes (30 min or so) before I start playing around. But, seriously, with the new battery technology is it really still important to charge the battery for 6 hours+ the first time?

The day I got hooked to live-view

Photo by Tiago Ribeiro

I clearly remember, not so long ago, I was “proud” to own a dSLR and not having a live-view. I couldn’t imagine taking picture with camera just looking a screen, I found that almost offending.

The day live-view hit the dSLR market I was really disappointed and was sure I was never going to use that feature.

However, just a few months after I got my Canon 40D (the first cam I ever owned with that feature) I am finding myself using live-view more and more and it is becoming a “must have” feature for me.

Here are 6 good reasons why I got hooked to live-view

Six must read articles about Firework shooting

Holidays are here & I was trying to get creative and offer a firework shooting article when I have realized that everyone else already did !

So, instead, I gathered the best six articles I found so I can save you some time.

You still have a few hours so read them and, above all, don’t forget to have fun while shooting. Enjoy the show and share the pictures

  1. How to Photograph Fireworks at popphoto.com
  2. The Best Way to Photograph Fireworks at PCWorld.com
  3. Photographing Fireworks Tutorial at enticingtheligh.wordpress.com
  4. How to Photograph Fireworks Displays at digital-photography-school.com
  5. Shooting Fireworks! at beyondmegapixels.com
  6. How To Photograph Amazing Fireworks at yourphototips.com
  7. *update*Quick Tips: Photographing Fireworks at Canon Digital Learning Center

Now, just in case the above is not enough here is 10 spectacular pictures of fireworks to whet your appetite

Tips for shooting star trails pictures

Trails (2008-10-19_ 40D_100-0746)
Picture by Antoine Khater


Star trails photography is at the same time easy and rewarding, it can produce results that will leave most viewers in awe with very little effort.
I will try to cover in this article the basic photography technique and equipment needed for star trails photography.

Don’t let the light meter fool you !

Understanding how does a light meter work can make the difference between a poorly exposed picture and keeper. Unfortunately, a lot of people nowadays just rely on their cameras without taking the time to understand the basics. So they end up frustrated by the “poor results” of their camera.

So what is a light meter ?

In short, a light meter is a device that is sensitive to light who’s basic job is to balance an equation.
You typically give the light meter 2 out of 3 variables (ISO, shutter speed, aperture) and it will give the correct 3rd variable to get a well exposed picture of the given scene.

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