What is a ring flash and do I need one ?

cheryl Says: what exactly does the ring flash do… show a picture with it would be helpful

In a recent comment I got the following input and I have realized that some things that I take for granted are not that obvious for others. So I will try to address this question in this post !

As its name indicates, a ring-flash is a flash light that has the form of a ring that has 2 main purposes !

Minimalism: because complexity sucks !

I am a big fan of minimalist compositions ! I like the simplicity it just relaxes my eyes but what are the “must have” ingredients of minimalism ?


In a minimalist composition the main subject, or focal point, of the picture usually takes just a little portion of the frame answering the rule of third with a lot of open or empty space around .
This will give the eye room to relax , wander freely around the frame and then “rest” on the focal point. Make sure to remove all unneeded objects and clutters from your shot.

Going with the grain

This post is Brian Auer’s, from Epic Edits, contribution to the Christmas Blog post exchange

I love those grainy, gritty, dirty, fuzzy, noisy photos — you know the kind. Technically they may have their flaws, but artistically they’re inspirational. To me, grain or noise can add a lot of impact to a photo and change the mood quite rapidly.


5 good reasons why I will never use Shareapic

If you are a TechCrunch reader than you must have read today the post about Shareapic Pays You To Host Pictures. As far as I know, Share a pic is the first service that actually pays you to host pictures. They will not only allow you to host unlimited number of pictures but they will pay you a $0.22 CPM to use their services.

Tempting you say for a photography blogger ? Well I have at least 5 good reasons why I will never use their services.


Tips on Photographing Christmas Ornaments

In this article of reader’s section raspberrytart shares with us tips that will improve our Christmas Ornaments pictures. All pictures in this article are by raspberrytart

There’s something magical about Christmas ornaments. When you unpack them from their boxes and prepare to put them on the tree, there’s dozens of memories associated with the little baubles–vacations to Hawaii, a child’s art project, or a friendship. Then again, maybe you just bought them because you thought they were pretty. In any case, they make great subjects to photograph. Here are some tips to help you get the most in capturing your ornamental subjects.

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