Tips for taking good Ski shots

Ski tutorial
Today in the reader’s section an article presented by Nick Croken with tips on how to take great ski shots. Although this article was written about ski photography, the same principles could easily be applied to many different outdoor sports.
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28 exercises to help you unleash your photography potential

28ex.jpgA while ago I have wrote an article dedicated for the photography newbies “Give me 2 minutes and I’ll make you a better photographer” and I was very happy to notice the good feedback on this article.

Well today’s post is also dedicated for the newbies, here is a set of 28 exercises that will help new photographers unleash their photography potential. So if you consider yourself as beginner in the photography world don’t start investing in high end and expensive lenses right now, make sure to practice these out first.

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How to pose your model : the 1-2-3 positions

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to pose effectively your model for a photography session using the 1-2-3 positions to guarantee a static and eye catching portrait picture.

All pictures in and text in this tutorial are copyrighted to Ben from SonShine Studio.
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The always and never of photography

This is a compilation of the best “Always” and “Never” photography advices that were recently given on the Photography on the net photography forum.
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Nikon D40: a user hands on experience

Andreas, a fellow Nikon photographer and owner of a wide collection of Nikon cameras like the Nikon D2X, D2H, D200, D80 and D50, just bought last Friday the new Nikon D40 in Helsinki Finland.
What I am sharing with you here is Andreas first impressions on the Nikon D40 with his own words and terms.
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