Canon Instant Fall Rebates (Canada)

Canon Fall rebates for the year 2009 are now up and will run till October 31st.

So, if you live in Canda, here is the list of the rebated items.

Instant rebates, no more rebate forms!

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Rebates start today

Just a quick reminder that the Canon Spring rebates start today.
Full info about these rebates can be checked here

Canon Spring rebates May 18th -> July 19th

2008 Canon Spring rebates are finally here and this year these are instant single rebates !
If you see the “single” part as a bad news, I see the “instant” part as great news. No mailing no waiting nothing save money directly at check out, how cool is that ?

Oh forgot to add that rebates run from May 18th till July 19th 2008

Here is the full list
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Claim your FREE Kingston 4GB CF Card NOW !

Adorama is currently selling the Kingston Technology 4 GB, 133x Elite Pro Compact Flash Memory Card for $40 with a $40 mail rebate !
So technically speaking you can get it for free after rebate you just have to pay $5 or so for the shipping !

As many of you already know I do not live in the US so I can’t claim mail rebates, I don’t even know how it happens however if you do and happen to need some extra space for free I think it is a good deal. You will have to decide pretty fast since the rebates ends tomorrow February 8th 2008 !

Save on your Christmas shopping with ADIDAP…

We’ve just entered December and Christmas is just a few days away.

I have to admit that I am amazed by the number of people actually buying from ADIDAP estore, I had 13 purchases in November ! (Thank you all)

Through December I have decided to give back 2% of your total order value ” ((“minimum order $500″))” by gift certificates or moneybookers ” ((“Sorry I don’t have a paypal account -yet-“))”.
That’s about $35 off for a brand new Nikon D300 or $24 off the Canon EOS 40D .

what should you do ?
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