Canon Fall rebates Oct 18th – Jan 13th

The long awaited Canon Fall rebates are not only showing up 3 days later than expected but are also somehow disappointing.

The rebate list contains “only” lenses and the Canon speedlite 580 EX II with no camera body and no double rebates.

The Fall rebates this year will run from October 18th 2007 till January 13th 2008

here is the full list for the interested
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Update about Canon Fall Rebates

I have to admit that I, like many others, have been waiting for Canon fall rebates to start anxiously.
We kind of got used to have these fall rebates running from October 15th till end of December each year but this year Canon did not announce any rebates.

I just received an email from a friend containing Canon reply to his inquiry about the rebates and I thought I would share.
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EOS 20th Anniversary Cash Back Promotion -Europe-

After the Canon Double Fall rebates in Canada I’ve just found out something for people in Europe.

For EOS 20th anniversary Canon is offering a cash back promotion for its Europe customers and, unlike Canadian fall rebates, the Canon EOS 40D is included.

Here is a full list of the items and their respective cash back amount

Canon has announced details of its latest cash back promotion. Purchase any of the following between 01.10.2007 and 31.12.2007 to claim back the amount shown.
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Canon Double Fall Rebates in Canada

Here is the info for the Canon double rebates for fall 2007 in Canada

From September 29th 2007 till December 31st 2007, the product list looks rather thin on the body side with only the Canon EOS 5D, no Canon 40D 🙁 , on the list.

Anyway here is the full list
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Canon DOUBLE fall rebates extended

The deadline for the Canon double fall rebates have been extended to February 19th 2007.

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