Beware of fake Fake SanDisk CF Cards

This not exactly new news I know but it just look like there is a new wave of fake SandDisk Compact Flash cards. The rate is even alarming since cheap CF cards disguised as SanDisk Extreme III are more than 95% of all 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB CF listed on eBay.
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It is time to buy a new CF Card

Sandisk Ultra CF Cards are on rebates, get yours today before the offer ends.

SanDisk 1GB Ultra II CompactFlash
: $24.99

SanDisk 2GB Ultra II CompactFlash: $39.99

Get your Canon EOS 30D at 30% off

Just a quick note, if you are thinking of buying the Canon EOS 30D than today might be a good day to do it since you can get it at 30% cheaper.
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Canon Europe Extra Promotion Cash Back Offers

I have already told you about the Canon EOS 30D cash back offer, well now Canon Europe is giving even more with, what they call, “EOS Extra Promotion Cash Back Offers”
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Canon double fall rebates online calculator

I have had many question about the Canon Double Fall rebates running from October 15th 2006 till January 13th 2007. Many people were confused about what does it exactly mean and how rebates are calculated and if they still get double rebates if they buy from separate stores at different time or even if they buy 3 items will they get double rebates on all 3 of them?
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