3 free & effective DIY focus calibration systems


Living in a part of the world where lens to body calibration is not possible I was really happy when micro-focus adjustment, MFA, was introduced in dSLRs and it was a major decisive factor for me to change cameras yet another time.

Unfortunately MFA can be quite frustrating and time consuming if you do not rely on a solid method. I’ve been myself quite close to buying focusing system products but I just couldn’t justify the cost.

I have since found 3 reliable and free methods to adjust the focus of my lenses

DIY: $1 and pocket sized monopod


I haven’t tried this so I cannot judge its effectiveness !
Although I really doubt it would be as effective as a monopod, I do think this is a good trick to learn since it can easily be implemented and used when a monopod is hard to carry around or not available.
So let’s consider it as a MacGyver photography trick shall we ?

DIY: Egg Crate Grid for Diffusion Panels


This is a guest post by Robert Mitchell from Robert Mitchell Photography. Thank you Robert for this great DIY tutorial.

I just completed testing my new DIY Egg Crate Grid for my floor to ceiling diffusion panel. Total cost was about $30.

The material used is actually called ‘egg crate’, it’s sold in 2 ft x 4 ft panels just like lighting panels themselves and can be found in the lighting department of Home Depot, Lowes, and some hardware stores. They’re made of white plastic and have a grid of about 1 inch x 1 inch. I primed the plastic and then painted in black, giving it a few coats to make sure that all the corners and insides of the ‘honeycomb’ were evenly covered.

For my grid I kept the 4 ft length and put 2 panels side by side, cutting one of them down to 16 inches so it would fit right over my diffusion panel width of 40 inches, with a grid size of 48 inches x 40 inches. The plastic is very easy to cut with a heavy duty scissor or cutter. The 2 panels were joined together with small nylon cable ties and I tied them every 5 squares. That holds them very tight against each other.

DIY : Poor’s man ring flash


I’ve previously discussed here a a do it yourself methods to build a ring flash but this one is by far the cheapest :)

It is not exactly a ring flash but rather a flash diffuser done with milk-jug, so it is practically free

Convert your empty match box into a pinhole camera


I was contacted today by Rami pointing me to this great DIY ” ((“Do It Yourself”))” video tutorial demonstrating how to turn an empty box of matches into a pinhole camera.

The process is very easy to follow and, best of all, free, the only “investment” is a roll of film ” ((“No it is not digital”))”.

Material needed: Match box, soda/beer can, scissors, hammer, tape, piece of plastic and a film roll.

That guy even included in the video sample pictures he took with this cam and, if they are true, there amazing for a pinhole camera.

Definitely worth a try IMHO now enough talking enjoy the video

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