Tweak your Windows XP thumbnails


Here is a quick tutorial on how to tweak your Microst Windows XP thumbnail size and quality.

Although I am aware that this tip is not new, but I think it is a must learn for any digital photographer.

DIY Vagabond power pack


The Vagabond are powerful portable power systems for the AlienBees Flash Units but are a bit on the expensive side.

Here is a tutorial about how to build your own Vagabond power pack

DIY: Ready beeper for Alien Bees strobes


If you have Alien Bees flash units, or any other photography studio light that have a ready lamp but doesn’t beep when it is charged and ready for that next shot, then you might be interested in that DIY project.

DIY lens hoods


Lens hoods are often neglected but are quite important. The main purpose of a lens hood is to prevent stray light from hitting the surface of the lens, and thereby causing flare, but a lens hood can also server for protection to your lens.
Unfortunately most lenses doesn’t ship with a hood, and hoods should be bought separately and are somehow expensive.
Well here is a way of getting all your hoods for free

DIY: Pop-up flash diffuser


I have already discussed various techniques for a DIY bounce card for your camera external flash, but what if you haven’t yet invested in an external flash? what if all you have it that “travel light” party is the pop-up flash of your camera do you have to suffer the harsh frontal light?

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