Grandmother today…

I received this by email today and it is simply too good not to share !


Sorry I have no idea who did it so I can’t give proper credits


Runaway Photographer

This is a guest post by a friend and fellow Lebanese Blogger Mireille Raad. Mireille is a young Geekette that see the world in her own special way and shares it with us with a lot of humor at LifeGeeked. So don’t forget to pay here a visit
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Canon announces the D60 !

Hold your horses it is not even true but rather a GROSS of a magazine. Gee ! Can you imagine the awareness level of the person who wrote this “article”.

Poor guy I really don’t want to be in his shoes, don’t stop at the picture read the text you will even discover a “Canon EXPEED engine” !!

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You are suffering photography overdose if

photography 40D fun ad

Honestly I do ! Do you ?

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The future of sensor cleaning

I got this today by email, thought I would share it just for the fun