Are you left or right brained ?

This is a very cool test I got today by email, it will let us know if we are more “Left brained” or “Right brained” persons.

Take a quick look at the picture below do you see the dancer turning clockwise or counterclockwise ?

Counterclockwise then you are more of a left brained person, clockwise means you are a more creative or right brained person.

Most of us will see it turning counterclockwise but try to exercise can you willingly make it turn to the other side?
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A picture I got today by email and thought it is worth sharing

Crazy photographers

Here is a collection of crazy and utterly funny pictures of photographers.
How far do they go, what they do and what they go through to get that perfect shot.

This collection was gathered through the internet each of the below pictures remains the property of its original copyright holder.

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Shooting birds with Nikon

Bumped into this one today of dpreview, too good not to share.

N.B.: I ignore the original picture owner for credits, but all copyrights belongs to whoever he/she is

The ultimate Image Quality test: 11 digital cameras

All the nag about the problems and defects of various DSLR in photography forums inspired a fellow photographers Barry Fitzgerald and Erik to build this parody showing how the same picture would have been taken from 11 well known digital cameras.
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