Canon vs Nikon the ultimate duel

Some pictures are just too good not to be shared, no biasing here just for the fun of it
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The flash effect

Been wondering how to take a picture with flash ?
Here is the same picture taken with and without flash that will hep you understand the flash effect
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Canon EOS mobile phones

Before going any further this is a joke, but I find it really interesting how far human imagination can go. I’m always astonished on what people can spend their time just for fun, anyhow those are some pictures I found here and there and think there were both good and funny enough to show them.
So what if Canon one day decide to introduce a mobile phone? What will it look like?

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Adobe Photoshop bug or Canon DPP bug?

No don’t worry nothing really serious here just found out about this and thought it would be rather funny to share it.
What do you need for the test
* Adobe Photoshop CS2
* Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP)
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Picture of a very rich Nikon user furniture

I know this picture is somehow old, but I just have to have it on my blog 🙂
A VERY rich nikon user went to buy some furniture and he was kind enough to let us take a snapshot of his new table 😉
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