Don’t try this at home

Guys this is PURE crime

Picasa 2.5 Easter Egg

Just 2 days ago Picasa released it’s new version 2.5 and I had the chance to share my thoughts about it, and today an easter egg in it has already been found out.

So what is this easter Egg?

Feeling fat? Buy HP Photosmart

Come one honestly :) HP is now including with its digital camera a digital sliming effect hehehe

You don’t beleive me? you think I am kidding check this

This reminds me of my wife and I :)

As soon as this picture opened on blaugh my wife told me “Typical us hein” :)

Angry, tiered or overloaded… destress

He he just found this flash one on the net, simply had to share it :) I know it is not related to photography, nor to photoshop :) but still useful during a stressing day

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