My best 10+3 pictures of 2008

For the second year Jim is running this blog project inviting us to share the best pictures we took during last year.

Here was my submission for last year’s project and here are 13 pictures I took during 2008 I’m particularly proud of.

James Nachtwey’s story breaks today

James Nachtwey has been documenting for the past 2 years a major and shocking story and he will be revealing his testimony today October 3rd 2008.

Nachtwey is probably the most famous war photographer of our times, his pictures are strong and capturing. What’s the new story about I have no idea but I can assure you it will be big and worthwhile.

Keep an eye on it, it is just a few hours of going public

Internet Acronyms for Photographers

Internet acronyms are sometimes hard to figure out specially for non-geeks who do not spend 12 hours+ a day on internet.
Joseph Kurkjian took the time to build a list of the most frequently used internet acronyms in photography and started a thread about it at dpreview. Since I know this thread will be soon lost in the flow I thought it would be interesting to pass it. So here it is and feel free to add yours to the list

Got a stock photography question ?

I will soon have a guest post on ADIDAP regarding stock photography. In order to make most of this post I am trying to prepare a list of questions for my guest so he knows better what to focus on in the article.

This is a subject I know nothing about so if you have any questions about that matter that you would like to tackle drop it here.

10 places I would like to visit before I die…

Do you keep track of your dream ? Since I have been stuck with the never ending time/money relation, i.e. When you can afford it you don’t have time for it, when you have time you can’t spare the money. I have learned to note down the things that are really important for me so I don’t forget them.

One of the many lists I keep is a list of the places I would like to visit before I die, going over that list again I have noticed that the reason I would like to visit all these places is PHOTOGRAPHY.

So here is, in no specific order, the list of the 10 places I wish to visit someday

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