Flickr testimonials love: Round 2

When I posted last week that I wanted to giveaway some Flickr love I didn’t know exactly what to expect. However it seems the initiative was very well received so why not have a round 2.

Although I said that I was going to leave testimonials for the first 10 people to show interest I ended up leaving about 15. However I had to cut is short somewhere. It is just that I am the kind of persons that hate to hate a very long to do list.

So if you dropped a comment last week and didn’t get your testimonial please feel free to ask again in this thread. I will try to fit, let’s say, 15 people this week.

So what you will have to do ?
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Flickr testimonials: Another kind of love

I find it sad when I stumble into a profile of a great photographer at flickr and find no testimonials. So I have decided to give away some flickr love

I will be writing testimonials for the first 10 people who show they interest by commenting on this thread. I will take a look at your pictures and write down my thoughts in a constructive way.

So what should you do ?
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11 must see pictures

Since all my friends know that I love photography I receive tons of forwarded emails with pictures. I rarely share these since most of them are already wide spread but this collection is different.

Needless to say that I didn’t take any of these pictures and that the copyright remains to their original owners, I am just sharing them here for their exceptional quality. So here we go
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Biran’s secret

If you are a regular reader of EpicEdits then I am sure you have noticed that Brian wasn’t quite himself the past week. Well I am about to tell you why 😉

Well Brian Auer, Neil Creek, Andrew Gibson, Andreas Manessinger, Cody Redmon, David Ziser and Joseph Szymanski have gotten themselves into a new adventure The Fine Art Photo Blog.

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My best 10 pictures of 2007

I have decided to submit my entry to Jim’s best of 2007 project so here is a collection of the best 10 pictures I took during that year !
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