Honey ! Where is my cam ?

Honey ! Where is my cam ?

“I’m camera shy” OK I said it, now the story !
I promised Brian that I will participate in the “Shoot yourself” project and a promise is a promise !
So tonight I have waited for all the house to sleep, completely ignored the millions on the internet I’m exposing myself to, took the camera and shot myself !

Canon EOS 30D with Tokina 12-24 at 12mm f/4, 1/250s with one external flash

I took about 25 pics and this is the one I have selected for the project

A blog post for Christmas gift would you join me ?

I’ve been blogging about photography for 1.5 years, during this time I have met and read uncountable number of Photography related blogs like adidap.

Each one is different in writing style and in covered subjects but they all have one thing in common: great posts.

I’ve been trying to keep an eye on most of them and point you to the best articles each week.

Christmas is in 20 days and I had this secret Santa like idea I would like to share with you.
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Download the Nikon D300 manual

Just a quick note, the Nikon D300 manual is now available for download from Nikon USA website (PDF/15.5Mb) 448 pages in total but it is protected against printing.

A 3D view at Flickr Interestingness

flickr tiltviewer
flickr tiltviewer
Everybody love flickr and there are tons of web applications out there to browse and explore the most beautiful s pictures knows as flickr Interestingness.

If you are a fan of Macromedia Flash chances are you will love that
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Nikon D3 Samples

Thinking of buying the new Nikon D3 or just looking for sample from this great camera to see how it performs on high ISO ?

Well guys I did some research on your behalf and here are some links fully loaded with sample from the latest Nikon DSLR beast

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