Nikon D3 Video

Here is another video from ShinyMedia showing the great Nikon D3 in action

Canon EOS 40D video

It looks like the Canon EOS 40D is already available in some stores notably in Honk Kong and some users have it already.
This “early” release is raising quite a fever in forums with the normal “problem list” building. In the mean time I found a video on YouTube showing the Canon EOS 40D in action and thought you might want to take a look at it.

So here it is
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Canon EOS 1D Mark III on flickr

I am not sure if it is really “new” but I’ve just noticed it myself.

The Canon EOS 1D Mark III is already available on Flickr Camera Finder with 182 photos uploaded yesterday.
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17 years, 1 women, 1 photograper, 1 quest

National Geographic cover
In 1984 National Geographic photography Steve McCurry took this picture of a young Afghan girl with green eyes, a picture that the world will remember forever. A picture that will make its way to become one of the 100 best National Geographic photos ever.

But these green eyes will haunt Steve McCurry for 17 years.
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The one detail you might have missed about the Canon 1D mkIII

One of the most revolutionary features of the Canon EOS 1D Mark III is probably the Live View.

The 1D Mark III is the first DSLR capable of showing to its user in real time and through the LCD a preview of how the shot will look like once taken ” ((“See it in action in this Canon EOS 1D Mark III video“))”. However the point that many might have missed is that once Live View is activated the camera will lose all its capability to Auto Focus.

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