Share your March lunar eclipse shots

Did you do it?
I really hope many of you did catch yesterday’s eclipse, if you did please add your to ADIDAP flickr group I’d love to see what each of us got.
Here is mine, what do you think?
Lunar eclipse

Time to take out that telephoto lens of yours

Here is a great photo opportunity taking place in just a few hours, an opportunity that doesn’t show up every day. We’re about to witness the first total lunar eclipse of the year 2007. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

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Are you suffering from Err02 ?

If you are a Canon shooter than one of the things you might fear the most is to get the Err02 in a middle of a photography shooting.

If you happen to get this error then you’ll end up with a number of corrupted pictures on your CF card. However here is a quick thing to try that might help recovering you images.
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When I see creativity combined with photography I understand why “a picture worth a thousand words

What flickr does to our pictures

I never noticed that before, but it is actually the truth Flickr ” ((“One of the most popular photo hosting sites”))” doesn’t leave your picture intact !

Here is a simple test to prove it
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