Canon is destined EVOLUTION

There have been quite a lot of hype going on about the Canon EOS 5D replacement for the past year or so. This fever reached an alarming level in the past few weeks with the approach of photokina. Not wanting to be an echo in the rumor mill I refrained from posting anything concerning the digital camera I’ve been hopping to see.

However today there is a teaser on canon website hinting for a new dSLR so this is no rumor! Could it be pointing to the 5D replacement (whatever they will call it) or more like a new 1D body ?

Flickrees organized riot against flickrosoft

It is all over the web Microsoft offered 44.6 Billions US dollars to buy Yahoo on Friday!

44.6 Billions US dollars and who is concerned the most? Flickr users!

Yes, It seems that Flickr fans are not happy at all about the news at all and they gather showing their malcontent and frustration doing what they know how to do best, UPLOADING IMAGES!

The just newly created group MICROSOFT: KEEP YOUR EVlL GRUBBY HANDS OFF OF OUR FLICKR already count 951 members 128 photos and 33 posts !

The Canon 450D is here, read between the lines !!

Although this is fresh news it is already wide spread ! Canon just announced a few hours a go the EOS 400D (or xti) replacement the Canon EOS 450D (or xsi) at a body only price of $800.

Its main new features are

  • 12.2MP CMOS DIGIC III sensor: I wonder what a 12.2MP on a APS-C sensor, aren’t we pushing the technology a little to far?
  • Auto Lighting Optimizer
  • EOS Integrated Cleaning System: Nothing new here
  • 3.0” LCD with Live View shooting: Expected
  • SD/SDHC cards storage : What about those who previously invested in CF cards ?

Flickr and Picasa news

How does it feel putting those two in the same title hein :) No calm down there is no merge today just a “common” post to update you about what is new in each …

Flickr Stats released

SmugMug does it again

Less than 12 months after its complete web 2.0 relaunch, SmugMug raises, once again, the bar for the competition by releasing a new set of features.

They call it “SmugMungous”

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