First Canon EOS 400D pre-review at luminous landscape

(Repeat after me: This is not a review. I repeat – this is not a review! Anyone that gets their knickers in a twist because I haven’t listed every feature and function in a three page long comparison table, and provided sample images at 100% magnification, should take their meds, or better yet, visit another site.)

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It is final it will be the Canon EOS 400D

After weeks (even months) of speculations, the big day is finaly here…

Today it was made official the 350D DSLR replacement will be called the Canon EOS 400D.
With 2.5 inch LCD, Integrated Cleaning system to control sensor dust, 9 points autofocus it looks almost like a Canon 30D killer.

I can’t wait for the first reviews, I have to admit I am anxious since I just bought the Canon 30D less than a few months ago

Read more about it here and here

Canon 370D, XTi or 400D

Just one day before the promised announcement date of the new Canon DSLR, Photography forums like dpreview, catchingzlight and others are heavily debating what will be the name of the new Canon Camera.
It seems that some “leaked” information from Canon China website stresses that it will be called Canon 400D with main features

– 2.5 inch LCD
– 9 Focusing Points
– Ultrasonic Dust removal <= WOW - 10 MP Other releases rumors 50mm L F/1.2 and 70-200 L F/4 IS read more about it here