35 years later… Diana’s back

What is a Diana ?? only one interested in photography history should know about it… naturally since it has been out of production for 35 years….

In brief the Diana is a Chinese film point and shoot plastic camera as “bad as it gets”
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Your chance to get published with National Geographic

National Geographic is currently giving us, amateurs, the opportunity to have our pictures published in the prestigious National Geographic magazine on monthly basis through a new online contest and this is not an opportunity that can be taken lightly if you ask me.

I’ve recently been sent more details about this photography contest so here they are
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Canon EOS 40D now “in stock soon” at Amazon

One week ago I’ve written a post about the Canon EOS 40D and “back then” this Digital Camera was still in pre-order and not expected to be available until late September 2007.

But since it seemed that all over internet forums people were “mysteriously” getting their hands on the EOS D40 mainly people living in Honk Kong.

But here today I was surprise to notice that Amazon(aff) changed the availability of the Canon EOS 40D on their website to “In stock soon”. So it looks like it will be hitting the mass market much sooner than expected.

Nikon D300 previewed

The Nikon D300 comes to replace the successful Nikon D200, however in a direct feature comparison between the two the former wins hands down.

In fact, apart of the full sensor, the Nikon D300 seems to have inherited most of the features of the brand new Nikon D3 and is expected to hit the market this coming November with a price of $1800.

Let’s take a look at the key features
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Nikon goes full frame with the Nikon D3

Nikon just announced its first full frame DSLR ever! The Nikon D3 will be available on the marking starting November 2007 for a body only price of $5000 USD.

Let’s take a look on the most important features of this new digital camera
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