Windows Vista Compatibility list for Canon EOS DSLR

If you are thinking of upgrading your computer operating system to Microsoft Vista then you should take compatibility issues into consideration.

Here is a table summarizing the compatibility between the Canon EOS digital SLR cameras and Microsoft Vista
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Updates about the Canon D1 and D1s story

This is a quick update about the new Canon EOS D1 and D1s story.

It looks like Erwin Puts, who previously published this info have removed the web page in question.

This short appearance life time keeps a question mark as for why that info was taken down so quickly. In all cases, and for credibility reasons, here is a copy/paste of the original text as it appeared on Erwin’s website
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Lastest Rumor: Canon D1 and D1s

No No No, it is not a typing mistake the latest rumor (just hitting today) claims that Canon is to release two new pro camera bodies the Canon EOS D1 and the Canon EOS D1s and both will be full frame.

Let me first start by a general remark, Canon states that from now on there will be no more 1.3 crop sensors.
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SmugMug: complete web 2.0 relaunch

SmugMug ” ((“A leading photo hosting company”))” officially joined yesterday January 22nd 2007 the web 2.0 community.

During its last upgrade that happened just yesterday night, SmugMug launched a number of new features and architectural changes that affect more than 95% of its page views turning this upgrade into a complete relaunch.
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Canon EOS 40D: leaked info from Canon

Intentional leak or mistake? Who knows! But if you visit Canon Hong Kong page right now you will find a page dedicated for the Canon EOS 40D.
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