New Canon EF 200 mm f/1.8 L IS rumor

Canon 200 mm f/1.8 L

With PMA getting closer and closer rumors are raging and spawning everywhere. The rumors for the Canon 1D and the Canon 1Ds series are no longer new but just now there is something even more spicy in the air.
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Canon EOS 5D problem with 16GB cards confirmed

It seems that the Canon EOS 5D cannot currently recognize CF cards with capacities of more than 8GB, this was a well known problem with the Canon EOS 1D series and was resolved by Canon in their latest firmware version 1.1.6.

However the problem still affects the Canon EOS 5D until firmware version 1.1.0. If you try to format a 16GB CF card the 5D will only use 8GB of the available 16GB. The problem will most probably be addressed in the next firmware release of the Canon EOS 5D.

Well of course there is an easy walk around for this problem in the mean time
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LCD to be replaced by SED in future Canon DSLR

Starting January 29th 2007 Canon Inc. will take total control over SED Inc.SED Inc. is actually an equally owned venture between Canon and Toshiba, and turn it into a wholly owned subsidiary.

“SED, which stands for surface-conduction electron-emitter display, panels have a reputation for delivering clear and vivid images because their light-beaming technology is similar to that for old-style cathode-ray tube TVs.”

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Tokina 10-17 fisheye hits the market

The new Tokina 10-17 Fisheye f/3.5-4.5 is finally available.

This is the first ZOOM fisheye lens I hear about, and it is for digital cameras with a cropped sensor.

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Last call for nikon photo contest 2006-2007

Only 3 days are left if you wish to participate in the Nikon photo contest international for the year 2006-2007.

All submissions should be posted by November 30th 2006.

There are two categories opened for this contest:
* Free subject
* “Smile, Smile, Smile!”

Entries to each category are accepted as prints sent by conventional mail or as JPEG images sent via the Internet.

Grand prize is a Nikon Photography equipment estimated at $10.000 USD

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