Photographer of the week: Andrew Mohrer

Our photographer of the week is into street photography. Andrew Mohrer was born,raised and still living in Brooklyn NY. With a passion for its streets it’s only natural for Andrew to be a street photographer.

Andrew played with photography a couple times over the years but for the last 2 years he’s been taking it seriously. Never taking any classes, he is a 100% self taught thanks to the internet.

His style has always been rooted in the streets, quoting him “It’s what I know, what I love”.
Combining candid street photography with cinematic tones is what describes a lot of Andrew’s work.
He says that there is something enjoyable about taking an average scene and making it interesting with a cinematic look. Andrew is also experimenting with b&w and portraits lately.

In Andrew’s own work, here is what best sums up his passion for photography:
Photography keeps me grounded, it’s something that I have to do. To be involved in the creative process of producing pictures is important to me. If a couple days pass and I have not spent any time working on images in some way I get restless.

I leave you to enjoy 10 of his selected pictures, for his full work check out his photo-stream.











Photographer of the week: Younes Bounhar

Our photographer of the week is Younes Bounhar, a landscape, travel and architecture photographer.
Quoting Younes, here is what summarizes his current lifestyle :
“I eat, sleep and breathe photography.
It wasn’t always like this, but the last few years have changed my life for the better: I now…get up at crazy hours, go out in the rain, snow or sleet, fall into rivers, run away from waves, drive myself to the border of exhaustion, but most of all I have a blast doing it all! ”

I am sure this is what most photographers would call an excellent lifestyle!
I leave you to enjoy 10 of Younes’ best pictures, you can always visit his website for his full works.

Younes Bounhar 7

Younes Bounhar 14

Younes Bounhar 13

Younes Bounhar 12

Younes Bounhar 8

Fiery sunset explodes on the Western Coast of Morocco

Old gentleman in his lair

People walking in the narrow streets of Fes

Younes Bounhar 11

Younes Bounhar 10

Photographer of the week: Gerald Verdon

Our photographer of the week is Gerald Verdon. Born and raised in Switzerland and living between Lisbon, Portugal and Switzerland where he mainly works as a translator.

Photography was his first true passion as a teenager, very early he installed a dark room in his house and learned by reading and practicing. He then left serious photography for studies and history/law.

In 2004 he bought his first digital camera and got back in the game. He now works exclusively with Leica M8 simply because it was the closest to his young photographer’s experience and gives control over every aspect of his photographs.

Gerald’s work is foremost on the street and his pet subjects are people and social issues. Here is a powerful and inspiring quote from Gerald to best explain his passion for photography : “I strongly believe that photography still is a powerful medium to describe and help to understand our world, and as such it should constantly cross the artificial borders between, art, document and journalism.”

After such a beautiful trip into Gerald’s personal life and point of views, I leave you to enjoy 10 of his selected pictures.
You can also check out his site, portfolio or get in touch with him on google plus.






Final Glare


News Reader


Morning Light

Photographer of the week: Stephen Cosh

Our photographer of the week is Stephen Cosh, a 41 year old street photographer concentrating mainly on groups of people, situations and bins.
Most of his work is black and white as he finds that colour can get in the way of a good image but occasionally he will use a little colour.
Stephen shoots with a Leica M9 and a Fuji X100.

You can check out his full work on his Flickr stream or follow him on twitter on @StephenCosh

I leave you to enjoy 10 only of his selected works











Verne Varona on creating “in camera” artistic “aqua-impressionism” photos

2 weeks ago we featured Verne Varona as our photographer of the week, many of the readers on adidap facebook page and twitter account asked if those pictures were really taken in camera without Photoshop.

After getting back in touch with Verne again, he confirmed that indeed all photos are done in camera – and he kindly agreed on sharing with you how he managed to take those photos.
I leave you to enjoy a great tutorial by Verne and don’t hesitate to share your results in case you experimented with this technique.
For more details you can check out his website or get in touch by email on vv [at] vernevarona [dot] com

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