Photographer of the week: Youssef Nassar

Our photographer of the week is Youssef Nassar, a young talented photographer from Lebanon.
Youssef is 21 years old majoring in Radio/tv (Film making). He started Photography almost 3 years ago as a hobby.

His work is mostly inspired by music, movies and people… we will be showcasing 10 of his selected photos as well as one of his videos.
To stay updated on his work you can check his facebook page or follow him on twitter

Youssef Nassar

Youssef Nassar

Youssef Nassar

Youssef Nassar

Youssef Nassar

Youssef Nassar

Youssef Nassar

Youssef Nassar

Youssef Nassar

Youssef Nassar


At last, enjoy this tribute video for the song ” Normal ” by Porcupine Tree directed by Youssef Nassar.

Photographer of the week: Verne Varona

Our photographer of the week is Verne Varona, one of adidap readers. Verne does varied work and one facet of his work is Monet-like photographs that are all done in camera, with very minor sharpening or slight saturation.

He took up photography in the late 70s and bought his first digital in 2005. He loves colorful, painterly scenes and has been developing a style that he calls “Aqua-Impressionism.”

Images that evoke emotion seize his full attention. He tries to capture images that convey the gamut of emotion and  loves the abstract photo’s that suggest.

Verne was a top finalist in Canon’s Project Imagination from over 100,000 entries last September. I leave you to enjoy 10 pictures of his curious and unique style. You can always check out his website for more.






Monet Trees

42nd Street




Photographer of the week: Scott Leggo

Our photographer of the week is Scott Leggo an Australian-based landscape photographer. I discovered his work thanks to Eric, one of adidap readers, who kindly recommended I check his work.

Scott travels extensively, driven by an unending determination to capture stunning images of the world you live and to bring the beauty that he sees into homes and offices the world over.
With a strong spirit of adventure and a love of the outdoors, Scott is always looking to go the extra mile to capture the shot he is after. His photographs are often the result of his patient pursuit to capture unique scenes and moments that sustain his love of wilderness.
Some of Scott’s best personal work is represented in his international, multi award winning limited edition print collection. His premium quality limited edition photographic prints grace the walls of homes and offices the world over, transforming the feeling of many a public and private space.
Scott’s professionalism as well as his attention to detail also see him sought after for Australian and international corporate and private commissions. In a short period of time he has rapidly grown his photography business and reputation amongst his clients, having emerged as one of Australia’s leading landscape photographers.

I leave you to enjoy 10 of his selected work. You can always check the website for a full collection and follow Scott on twitter or facebook.

LEP-CHN-BEI-4 (2-1)_mod2_1

LEP-CHN-BEI-2 (5-2)_mod_2_1

LEP-AUS-WA-12 (3-1)_1

LEP-AUS-WA-9 (2-1)_1

LEP-AUS-VIC-53 (3-1)_1

LEP-AUS-VIC-50 (5-2)_mod1_1

LEP-AUS-VIC-41 (3-1)_mod_1_1

LEP-AUS-VIC-37 (3-1)_mod_1_1

LEP-AUS-VIC-9 (3-1)_mod_2_1

LEP-AUS-NSW-6 (3-1)_mod_2_1

Photographer of the week : Steven Miljavac

Our photographer of the week is Steven Miljavac, his photography is a quirky combination of style and humor.
A college degree in Video Production and strong love of cult cinema serve as the backbone of his photography, as he creates vivid, cinematic characters that exist in a world of their own.

Steven spends a lot of his time at the zoo and has an unhealthy obsession with apes.
In the next year he plans on releasing a book of his animal photography and wants to start a new project that focuses on the independent wrestling.

For more pictures you can go to his website If you are planning on following him on twitter, you are not a lucky one, since he doen’t use twitter and prefers to keep it that way 😉

I leave you to enjoy 10 of his truly vivid creations.
4 (10)


4 (1)

4 (2)

4 (3)

4 (4)

4 (5)

4 (6)

4 (7)

4 (9)

Photographer of the week: Beatriz Poncet

Our Photographer of the week is Beatriz Poncet from Barcelona, Spain.

Beatriz always had a photo camera in her hands since she was eight years old when she started to go to the darkroom to watch her father develop black and white photographs. ( something to drive all photographers crazy with envy )

Beatriz has a license in Fine Arts by the University of Barcelona (Spain), she can be found on flickr, 500px and twitter.
I leave you to enjoy only 10 of her selected pictures.








4 (7)