Photographer of the Week : Claudio Coppari

Our photographer of the week is Claudio Coppari, a keen photographer from Italy.

Claudio does photography as a hobby and his main interests are landscape and travel, he specially loves to shoot places near home and Nordic Europe countries.

During his work he always tries to be at the right place on the right time to capture the best light.

I leave you to enjoy 10 of his selected works – if you enjoyed them, you can check out his website , Flickr or 500px







Ansel Adams Wilderness on National Geographic October issue

The October issue of National Geographic magazine will feature a captivating article on world-renowned photographer Ansel Adams.
This story describes how the Sierra Nevada transformed an unconfident photographer into a lens master and a powerful voice for wilderness.
The piece features stunning photographs by well-known nature photographer Peter Essick, who notes Adams as an inspiration.

So it is with great pleasure that I want to share with you some excerpts from the article that can be found here and those beautiful 5 images

Photographer of the week : Hengki Koentjoro

Born in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, on March 24, 1963, Hengki Koentjoro is an accomplished black and white photographer. He is a graduate of the Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, California, where he majored in video production and minored in the fine art of photography.

Hengki returned to Indonesia to become a freelance videographer/editor, specializing in nature documentaries and corporate profiles, and now lives in Jakarta with his wife Lana and their three children.

Hengki is a part time practitioner of the art of black and white photography, which he believes to be his true purpose in life’s journey of expression.

Photographer of the week : Dan Ballard

Our Photographer of the week is Dan Ballard an internationally known travel and landscape photographer from Colorado.

His award-winning images take you on a visual journey to some of the world’s most beautiful and far-reaching corners. His travel experiences have led him to nearly 50 countries on five continents around the globe.

You can follow him during his journeys on his twitter account and check out his online portfolio for some amazing photography.

I leave you to enjoy only 10 of his selected work.

A women walking on a path through rice paddies to mountains in mist.  Vang Vieng, Laos, Asia.






Two fishermen on bamboo rafts with a bird spreading it's wings.  Li River, Xingping, Guilin, Guangxi, China.

Photographer of the week : Jared Ropelato

Our Photographer of the week is Jared Ropelato, a high school teacher in Vacaville California by day and a passionate photographer by night.

Jared attempts to document the most beautiful earthscapes so that others can see the world as he does. Many of those photos have been selected as “Earth Shot of the Day” by

I leave you to enjoy only 10 of his selected work, for more, you can check out some of his “Explored” set on Flickr and his website.

What Lies Ahead, Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley National Park

Across the Lake

Before Sunrise, Lake McDonald, Glacier Naitonal Park

The Other Side, Mesquite Dunes, DV National Park

Round Rock, Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe

Kape Kiwanda Sunset

5 minutes over Half Dome

149 Seconds of Sunset, Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park