Photographer of the week : Vitaly Geyman

After our call for Photographer of the week submissions, we received many great entries and we are glad to feature Vitaly Geyman for this week.

His photography comes from a multidisciplinary perspective. It conveys his intimate connection with nature and the power of its beauty. Vitaly’s soulful, dreamlike fine art photography has also been greatly influenced by the work of John Wimberley, a well known photographer who has a great collection of B&W photography, with over 50 exhibitions.

Enjoy 10 of his selected pictures and don’t forget to visit his website for more of his work.


320White Poppy Large-web

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16 magical pictures of Tibet

Tibet is one of my top list photography destinations and I often day dream about it looking at picture for inspiration. If you have visited, or would love to visit, Tibet then these images will certainly speak to your heart.

Photo by Nitin Joseph
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10 great examples of wave photography

Louie Imaging

Marcus Revertegat

Daniel Bos

Morgan Maassen

John McCormick

Geoff Quinn

Aziz J.Hayat

Bill Dalton

Matt Madden

Steve Garrington

You can always share any wave photography you did with the community through the comments. If you haven’t so far, I hope I inspired you enough.

Photographer of the week : Cath. Schneider

Cath. Schneider has one of those photostreams where each picture is as breath taking as the one before it . It is a perfect address where you can get your dose of creativity, beauty and photography.

Cath has a great way for shooting portrait, macro and wildlife. The light, the color, the stories behind the picture can keep you looking and browsing.

You can follow Cath on twitter or facebook, but most importantly , don’t forget to check the photostream here

I leave you with 10 selected pictures only to enjoy ! Let us know what you think of Cath’s work in the comment

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Photographer of the week : David Sambells

Another week and another great photographer to discover. For this week I’d like to present you David Sambells.

David imagery is fascinating, every one of his photos has this catchy little thing that will call for your attention and make you look at it again and again.

He likes to play leading lines and delicious bokeh to provide us with carefully composed pictures that will be feast for your eyes.

David full photo stream can be found on flickr and here is a selection of his best pictures.
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