Photographer of the week : Tanakawho

This week’s photographer, Tanakawho, is coming to us straight from Japan with a dazzling photostream.

With more than 600 pictures on flickr explore and 600,000 views there sure is something to fit everyone’s taste and liking.

Tanakawho has this thing to turn ordinary objects and scenery into photogenic compositions and mixture of colors that works together in harmony. Her style is very diversified and she will shoot just about any subject with this special touch of hers.

Here are 10 pictures of Tanakawho that will show her broad range of photography and I will invite you once more not to miss here photostream on flickr.
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Book Review : Destination Photography Business – by Karma Hill

dest-photo Many of us dream not only about photography but also about a happy career doing what we love the most : shooting.

If you want to get started on photography as a career, entering the field using a traditional business model will make you face tough market competition.
If you are an already well established photographer in your field and you want to look for something that will help spice up your career, challenge your skills and expand your business

In both case scenarios , there is something i want you to read :

Destination Photography Business by Karma Hill

This book in 122 pages and 9 sections only will inspire and help you tap into a multi-million dollar business called : Destination photography.

You can view all the details about it on Destination Photography Business and purchase it

(E-Book Instant Download)

Here is our review for the book :

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ADIDAP Flickr Round [2010-05-16]

Only 21 pictures for this third round of May. Good luck choosing and voting for only one picture from this very lovely and creative pool of pictures

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Photographer of the week : Alex Lockwood

Finding Alex Lockwood’s photo stream was a great inspiration source for me.
I was simply amazed by the uniqueness and creativity of his stream. He has great collection of abstract pictures, a deep understanding of light and shadows and a great eye for colors and composition as well.

Here are 10 great pictures from his selection, I hope you enjoy them as much as i did and don’t forget to check his photo stream for more creativity and inspiration
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Photographer of the Week : algo

Looking at algo’s photostream, it simply took my breath away with the amazing light play, great composition and well captured unique beauty of landscapes.

I loved the diversity in his pictures, and his tendency to use unusual point of view and leading lines. He is simply a photographer that you must check.

I will leave you with a link to his photostream and 10 of his selected pictures. Enjoy !
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