Photographer of the week : Shobeir Ansari

The photographer of this week is Shobeir Ansari, he is using photography and his love for outdoors as the perfect combination to try and capture the beauty in the wild. Quoting him from his profile “I seek out rural locations on the weekends and after-work hours to experience true wilderness, away from crowds, cities, and the stress of everyday life.”
I am sure many of us are familiar with that feeling, so your escape for today in our post is through Shobeir’s lenses, enjoy his top 10 pictures and don’t forget to visit his photostream.
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Don’t stop shooting you will change with time

Each one of us tends to show only his best pictures and this is quite normal. However your best picture today might, and probably won’t, be your best picture of tomorrow.

I am amazed when I notice how much my taste and pictures have changed over time, I am not saying that I am good but I surely have improved. At least I am happy with my progress and this is very important.
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National geographic and Energizer Ultimate Photo Contest

National Geographic Energizer Ultimate Photo Contest Matthew Alexander from YouCast Corporation in NYC contact us as a group of photographers to help build awareness for various campaigns. Here is the message he left :

On behalf of National Geographic and Energizer I want to let you know about the Energizer Ultimate Photo Contest. As a Photography blogger, I thought you and your readers might be interested in this unique opportunity now in its third year.

Send in your best photos in categories like Animals/Wildlife, Travel and Weather for a chance to win a National Geographic Expeditions trip for two to the Greek isles and a feature in the December issue of National Geographic magazine.
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Photographer of the week : Arjun

What first got my attention while browsing Arjun photostream is the diversity of countries he visited and photographed . I counted 22 countries from around the globe. That gives his stream a nice diversity while still maintaining his personal perspective and touch.
I will leave you with 10 of his pictures , you can check the other awesome pictures in his photostream
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Photographer of the week : rawheadrex

Our amazing photographer for this week is rawheadrex, he got his first DSLR in July 2008 and quoting him “has been going crazy since then” . I am simply amazed by his talent, 2 years is a relatively short time to take all those gorgeous pictures and I am a little bit jealous of his photography “arsenal”.
Don’t forget to check his stream or his interesting sets, In the meantime I will leave you with only 10 of his pictures that were hard to select. Enjoy and share your opinion about rawheadrex work !
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