Photographer of the week: Tasha Schalk

I remember the day I found Tasha’s photo stream for the first time I spent 2 hours straight looking at her pictures.

There is something is her photos that touched me and kept me coming back for more. Tasha seems to enjoy shallow depth of field, and unusual angles for compositions, she also makes a very good use of leading lines.

Her pictures are eye catching and very often high in colors.

Here is a collection of 10 of her favorite pictures but you can see more of Tasha’s work at her website.

Photographing Sunrise at Mesa Arch

This is a guest post by Cliff Kolber from Kolber Photography

Cliff Kolber is a nature and travel photographer and writer based in Miami, Florida. He and his wife Doris have created a spectacular portfolio of images and articles from around the world, specializing in the Florida Everglades, the American Southwest and Antarctica. Make sure to visit their website at

Canyonlands National Park is an amazing array of red rock canyons sculpted from millions of years of erosion by the Colorado and the Green Rivers. The “Island in the Sky” region of Canyonlands is a huge plateau surrounded by the rivers. It is not really an island since the plateau is connected to the rest of the National Park by a very small neck of land.

Flickr testimonials love: Round 3

It has been some time since I last gave out some flickr love so here we go for round 3.

The drill is pretty simple, the short version is that if you want a testimonial on your flickr account just add me as a contact and drop a comment here on the post.

I will be writing testimonials for the first 10 people who reply to this post with a link to their flickr stream.

So here goes the long version now

Photographer of the week: Jeremy Clay

Wedding season is reaching its end here and, having taken a few pictures here and there, I am starting to realize that wedding photography is not as easy at it may seem.
So for this week I am featuring Jeremy Clay, a wedding photographer, because I have enjoyed his fresh compositions away from the cliche shots I am now getting bored with.
Jeremy’s shots are eye catching and both, his setup & candid pictures, are full of life, stories and dynamism.
Make sure to visit Jeremy’s website for his full work, as for me, I will share with you 10 of his favorite photographs.

Photographer of the week: Daryl Benson

Seeing Daryl’s work for the first time was an eye opening experience for me. It was like rediscovering photography all over again.

He has this special way of including his personal touch in a picture to break that cliché feeling and I can honestly say that his photos moved me.

When I contacted Daryl asking for the permission to feature him here on adidap I was expecting him to pick up at least some of his awesome landscape pictures to include in this feature and I was really surprised to notice that his selection included no landscape images. This was very good opportunity for me to discover how diversified Daryl’s photography was.